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Mindful Momsday   @ Crazyganesha 

with Vanessa

Mindful Momsday

with Vanessa

An endless to-do list awaits you every day. Everyone wants something from you and mom is always there for everyone. You hardly find time and space to just be there for yourself and your own needs and desires. 

You fulfill so many roles every day, but you lose sight of yourself again and again. In addition, you are always exhausted and listless.

Where are you staying? Hand on heart: when was the last time you really took time for yourself? A date with you to recharge your batteries and find your balance? When did you check how you are doing as a wife and mom?

Would you like to finally feel light as a mother and give yourself a break from your everyday life? Connect with your heart's desires by getting from the head to feeling?

Then I invite you: in my mother-light workshop "Mindful Mumday" we do exactly that.

Together in a small group we open ourselves to your role diversity, discover and integrate your inner source of strength as a wife and mother.

You get valuable inspiration for you and your life. All your feelings get a space.

Connect to your inner glow and let your light shine. Your life can be easy as a mother!

I look forward to seeing you - from mom to mom - from woman to woman. Go on this wonderful journey to yourself with a small group of women!

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