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Fancy a long feel-good weekend of a special kind? Experience soothing yoga, hikes in the midst of breathtaking nature, relaxed wellness and exuberant moments of pleasure. Dive into the magic of the mountains and do something good for yourself, your body and your soul.

Come on this"MAGIC MOUNTAIN RETREAT" from 08.-11. June 2023in charming Leogang in Austria.

ThatMAGIC MOUNTAIN RETREATwelcomes you. Experience...

...dynamic and gentle yoga flows that bring you fully into your body, strengthen and strengthen you from the inside out and at the same time 136bad5cf58d_ more relaxed and flexible. and guided meditations that let you switch off completely and bring you back into balance.

...hiking excursions in the beautiful Leoganger Steinberge, where you can fully connect with nature and with yourself.


...wellness in the sauna, with a book on the roof top or a drink in the Mountains Peak Lounge.


...a very special hotel "where urban spirit meets the alps" - the perfect feel-good mix of tradition and urban style.


...fresh, creative and enjoyable cuisine.


…a sociable time with a group of open-minded, warm-hearted people.

...exclusive time all to yourself.

Write to us, we can put you on the waiting list