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Luisa's classes and courses are organized by herself. Multiple tickets are therefore not valid for Luisa's classes. Please book the classes with Luisa yourself.

      Thursdays:    Mom to be Yoga

                               Moon yoga

       Fridays:          Female Friday Yoga

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Luisa Maria Forster

Luisa Maria Forster

Physiotherapeutin I Yogalehrerin I Mentorin 1:1

Luisa Maria Forster

Physiotherapist I yoga teacher I mentor 1:1

No matter where you are in your life, your body is your base, your retreat, your home. Your soul should want to live in it - so make yourself priority 1 in your life.

I support you and your body in all situations in life with physical treatment, mental support and movement on the yoga mat: in all your cycle phases, in the phase of your desire to have children, during your pregnancy or in the new time as a mother - in the postpartum period, postnatal period or thereafter.

Even without children, you've come to the right place with me: with women's diagnoses (PCOS, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, cycle problems, pain, incontinence, after operations) or if you're looking for more femininity in your life - I'll accompany you with yours Topics in a trusting, protected space. Everything can be there.

All the experiences that I have gained over the last 14 years as a physiotherapist, yoga teacher, mentor, lecturer, trainer and since I started wanting to have children, while pregnant with twins and the last 5 years as a mother, have been so exhausting, educational and touching , valuable, healing and transforming, that it was time to open a space in Nuremberg and online where you as a woman can be seen, heard and accompanied in a way that suits you!

My holistic offer includes for you:

  • for women (Moon Yoga® - Yin Yoga - Pre/Postnatal Yoga – Pelvic Floor Yoga)

  • Retreats I WomenCircles I Cacao Ceremonies

  • Mental support 1:1 (online/offline)

  • Female Bodywork 1:1

All offline offers always take place Thursday + Friday in the CRAZY GANESHA YOGA STUDIO.


Inquiries/appointments for 1:1 accompaniment/bodywork via email ( )

via call/WhatsApp:  +49 157/5246 9986

more information about the individual treatments on mywebsite



via Instagram: @luisamariaforster

I hold the space for you to accompany you on your path to healing and development and look forward to getting to know you personally.

All the best, Luisa Maria


Since 2009, physiotherapist and manual therapist with a focus on holistic treatment and gynecological issues (fertility, abdominal cavity, pregnancy, pelvic floor, hormones, cycle, postpartum and postnatal recovery)


Since 2013, yoga teacher with various advanced training courses (yoga intensive training, pre- and postnatal yoga training including mindfulness trainer, Yin + restorative yoga training, moon yoga training, course management for autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation)


2020 InnerBalance Coach Training I Mother's Easy Trainer I WomenCircle Leader


2022 Small healer training (Sabine Ruland)

2023 Basic Seminar Shamanic Basics (Andrea Kampermann)

2023 further training to become a sectoral alternative practitioner

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