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Book and participate

Currently, all of our yoga classes take place exclusively online. You can book classes or entire courses in our booking system. A link to the class is then included in the confirmation email.


Book classes:

- When you have found a class that is right for you, go to the "booking portal " and select the class or course.


- If you are undecided, you can use the class overview to display all available classes for each day of the week.


- Go to "Book now", then a calendar opens and you can look for the right date for this class.


- You can redeem multiple cards if you are logged in as a member. The card is assigned to your membership. You can also see how many sessions are still on your card.


- Choose an appointment and the way you want to pay. You can redeem multiple cards here or. buy (tariff plan) or book a single session (drop-in). With next you can enter your contact details for the booking.


- You can pay for individual sessions with PayPal or offline (... that doesn't cost us any fees). The data for the transfer are then contained in the confirmation email.


- The appointment can then be found via the link in the confirmation email - or in the members area of the website after logging in under MyBookings .



Class sets or courses

Class sets

- You can only book courses via the booking portal.


- All dates for a course. you can then see it under the course details.


- The link from the confirmation applies to all dates of the course.

The lockdown and restrictions will drag on for a while, so we thought about the following:

Online class sets: 

Courses with several consecutive dates that are booked in full.

- Vinyasa Core & Pelvic floor

- Postnatal vinyasa

- Lunar Prana Vinyasa

- changing offer


Online 5-card:

You can buy an online 5-pass card from us and register yourself for individual classes. After booking, you simply choose your 5-pass card when paying.


Your advantages:


Online class set:

You book a whole course and put it  You firmly to attend the appointments. 

Sometimes this also helps with self-motivation - but then:

No time? - no problem!

Just let us know if you cannot take part in one or more classes of the course. The class will then be recorded and available to you.

In addition, you have the opportunity to take part in another class on the timetable this week (except prenatal vinyasa)


Online 5-card :  

The 5-card cards are valid for 10 months with us.  

If you have bought an online 5-card, you can also take part in online class-sets. 

In this case, you cannot book yourself into a single appointment in a course series. 

Just write us an email, we  send you the link and take care of the debiting of the 5 card.

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