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Book and participate

Currently, all of our yoga classes take place exclusively online. You can book classes or entire courses in our booking system. A link to the class is then included in the confirmation email.


Book classes:

- When you have found a class that is right for you, go to the "booking portal " and select the class or course.


- If you are undecided, you can use the class overview to display all available classes for each day of the week.


- Go to "Book now", then a calendar opens and you can look for the right date for this class.


- You can redeem multiple cards if you are logged in as a member. The card is assigned to your membership. You can also see how many sessions are still on your card.


- Choose an appointment and the way you want to pay. You can redeem multiple cards here or. buy (tariff plan) or book a single session (drop-in). With next you can enter your contact details for the booking.


- You can pay for individual sessions with PayPal or offline (... that doesn't cost us any fees). The data for the transfer are then contained in the confirmation email.


- The appointment can then be found via the link in the confirmation email - or in the members area of the website after logging in under MyBookings .



Class sets or courses

Class sets

- You can only book courses via the booking portal.


- All dates for a course. you can then see it under the course details.


- The link from the confirmation applies to all dates of the course.

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