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Yoga and Pregnancy

Pregnancy test positive - what now?

Here is a small timetable that may be helpful for you:

1) Take a rest


A pregnancy test will reliably indicate your pregnancy from the 4th week of pregnancy at the latest.

The first three months of pregnancy are the time of major hormonal changes. Fatigue, irritability, and nausea are common symptoms of early pregnancy.

Treat yourself to small breaks and enough rest. Even if you are very dutiful, if you feel like it, just put your feet up and enjoy the peace and, above all, the change that is happening in your body.

If you just don't feel like sport, exercise or yoga during this time - let it be! Your baby is about to nestle in the womb, so give him the rest to do it.

I would advise you, if you are completely new to yoga, to allow yourself up to 12 weeks to start yoga.

Releax when you´re pregnant
Routine Pregnancy Checkup

2) mother pass


From the 6th week of pregnancy you should visit a trusted gynecologist who you can imagine will accompany you through the entire pregnancy.

Now the time has come! You have your mother's passport in hand!

3) pregnancy symptoms


Maybe you have to deal with severe nausea, sensitivity to smells, tiredness etc ... It's a challenging time, but it's worth it!

Here are a few tips:

-Eat rather small bites, spread over the day

-Nuts and ginger biscuits can help with nausea

-Avoid fatty and spicy foods

The best way to combat nausea in the morning is with a small bite that is taken while lying down. Chewing nuts and ginger biscuits can also help combat nausea in early pregnancy. Also, avoid fatty and spicy dishes and instead eat smaller dishes spread out over the day.

Glass Teapot

4) It all gets a little bit more real

The first ultrasound


Towards the end of the 12th week of pregnancy, the embryo is already between seven and eight centimeters!

You can see the heartbeat on the ultrasound image - a touching experience!


Regular exercise and conscious breathing exercises as well as adapting your yoga practice to the respective needs are helpful and supportive for a general well-being.

5) yoga


If you are an experienced yogini, you will not want to do without your regular portion of yoga.

My advice:


  1. You know your body and your practice - so don't be afraid to modify your yoga practice.

  2. Things to Avoid:

  • Twists

  • Prone position

  • Exercises that stimulate the abdominal muscles

  • lying on your back for too long

  • Kapalabhati

  • Kumbhaka


An example class with a Hai is linked on the right so that you can already get an impression.

Hot Yin.jpg
Pregnant Woman

6) step outside

You should inform your employer about your pregnancy by the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy at the latest. You will now receive details about protection against dismissal and maternity leave.

So now it's official - your baby bump may suddenly grow and grow

My advice:

You should look for a midwife and a suitable antenatal class.

And if you haven't started prenatal vinyasa, now is the best time to do it!

7) Share duties


Even if you have done everything by yourself without further ado, now it's over!

Heavy shopping bags, whimsy siblings and exhausting housework are now to be shared with partners, friends, grandparents and siblings when it comes to it.

Lifting and carrying heavy loads can cause miscarriages, especially in the first three SSMs.

Water Purifier & Glass

8) Take care of yourself and your unborn baby


Remember to drink a lot. Drink as much non-carbonated water as possible! This will keep your circulation going in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Walks in the fresh air, lying in the bathtub, gentle alternating and Kneipp baths are simply good!

9) Express feelings


Pregnancy is a very special time, a time full of changes, marked by many ups and downs.

A lot is required of you here:

The hormonal balance and metabolism change, the amount of blood increases, the body's own supporting apparatus becomes softer and the physical change becomes increasingly evident.

Perhaps during this time you fluctuate between joyful anticipation and physical and emotional difficulties that result from the changes.

Your mental health is just as important as the health check-ups. Talk to your partner or best friend about your fears, you will see afterwards you will feel much better and maybe some things will clear up for you.

Young Couple Expecting
Gift Bags

10) Gratitude for every change in the body


It is amazing what your own body can do. The breasts become plumper, the face becomes softer. So much is changing mentally too, things that were so important before are moving further and further down the list of priorities.

Rejoice, you'll soon be mom!

Pregnancy Yoga

For me, it is a wonderful task to accompany new mothers-to-be as a yoga teacher through this incredibly exciting time. A time full of changes, physically and mentally.

I have been teaching Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Vinyasa since 2012 and I am well aware of this responsibility.

Prenatal Vinyasa is a thoroughly physical practice, of course adapted to the respective circumstances.

I am happy to support and accompany you on your journey of physical change

In my classes I teach hip-opening flows, modified poses that are tailored to your stomach, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises that help you enjoy your pregnancy and prepare you physically and mentally for the birth of your baby.

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