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Crazy sweat
Hot Vinyasa Flow @ Crazyganesha

Here the room is heated to around 35 degrees.

We practice a dynamic, flowing sequence that gives you both strength and balance.

The warm temperature allows your body and  Merging your minds together and also provides a deep stretch and cleansing effect.

So come by and let's breathe, sweat and laugh together.

Please bring a towel with you, water and tea are available in our studio.

The class may be held in English.

Since we cannot ventilate these classes, we ask you not to come if you have symptoms of illness so as not to endanger anyone. 

Unfortunately, cancellations are not possible for this class, but you are welcome to pass the date on to someone else.

Reserve your mat in the booking portal under “Specials”.

Not included for Urban Sports Club.and Qualitrain

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