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Founder and owner

"Crazy Ganesha Yoga"

I just like to stand on the mat, well grounded, with both feet firmly on the floor.

I notice the journey begins, the tension builds up - I look forward to feeling my body, my breath and my concentration. Yoga can be anything - beautifully exhausting, full of joy, relieving, exciting but also transforming.

In addition, I am amazed every time how much strength and calm yoga conveys, a change of perspective is easier and I am very grateful for that, because as a patchwork mum of two pubescent teenagers, I have often been told that after yoga I have been told a bit more relaxed, (nice ???), clearer and perceive things very differently.


Here are my most important qualifications:

-2011 basic training Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Power Yoga Academy

-2011 pre- and postnatal training

Spirit Yoga Berlin

-2012 intensive week / anatomy and sequencing

Isabel Strohschein / Beate Meyer

-2015 Flow to the beat / myshanti

-2016 50+ Advanced Anatomy and Sequencing


-300 + Advanced Teacher Training / "Healing Vinyasa"


-35 hours / yin yoga anatomy

-20 hours / Advanced Asanas / Lustforlife Yoga

There are also numerous workshops and training courses in Vinyasa, Pranayama, Ashtanga (Mysore).

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