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Individual lessons with Hai

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Yoga Einzelstunden

Yoga - this word on everyone's lips. But what exactly is behind this long-lasting trend?

We all know the images of familiar postures - such as the dog looking down, the triangle or the lotus position. What are we doing all of this for? Why is this type of movement so popular?

If you've never done yoga before and finally want to find out what it's all about, then this offer is for you:

We want to use the lockdown time to take a step back and go from being driven to being an observer.

We want to calm our "monkey mind" (thoughts that jump from branch to branch like monkeys) and to oppose fear and insecurity with trust.

With flowing movements you learn to become the observer of your inner stage and to take the reins in your hands.

Especially in times of Corona, we want to offer affordable one-to-one lessons that enable yoga beginners as well as advanced learners to learn and / or further train their practice.

You have your yoga teacher here for a whole hour just for you; a luxury in which you can bring all your questions and personal concerns with you.

The lessons are currently taking place live online. Even if you are tired of meeting other people viritually and sitting in front of screens - it is a chance to use the time in lockdown wisely and to start something new.

Maybe you are already a yogi and have always wanted to bring friends or family closer to what yoga is all about?

Then give away a voucher for a single lesson for Christmas!

Most of them never stopped ...

Even if you are an experienced yogi and finally want to have your alignment checked again, you are exactly right with a one-to-one lesson.

As experienced teachers, we are really keen to review your practice and take it to the next level.

We look forward to you!!

1 hour is 40 euros - for the unemployed or corona-stricken at 30 euros

You can find and arrange appointments directly in the booking portal.

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