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Yoga with a focus on the back
(course with 8 appointments) 
with Linda

Yoga with a focus on the back

with Linda

Our everyday life can be a strain on the back: a lot of sitting, forward

But also directed work, one-sided movement and lack of movement

psychological stress are breeding ground for tension and glued fascia

and muscular imbalances.


We want to counteract this in this course with exercises for the

Strengthening of the back and deep muscles, mobilization, stretching and

Relaxation exercises from Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and fascia

Training. This is rounded off by relaxation and

mindfulness exercises.


Where? Online Live via Zoom or on site at Crazy Ganesha Yoga, Untere

Turnstrasse 14a, 90429 Nuremberg (in the heart of Rosenau)



09/18 19:00-20:15

09/25 19:30-20:45(!)

09.10. 19:00-20:15

16.10. 19:00-20:15

23.10. 19:00-20:15

30.10. 19:00-20:15

06.11. 19:00-20:15

13.11. 19:00-20:15



Live online via zoom (or recording): €99

Live in the studio in Nuremberg (limited places): 124 €


Registration and questions by email to

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