In the first crazy Corona summer I decided not to be interested in my two doctoral degrees in Romance linguistics and cultural studies, not to force myself into a stressful career and instead to become a yoga teacher. I turned my back on the judges and the fear in my head and started living the dream that feels good and right to me.


Yoga helps me to get out of my head into the body, to look at myself from within, with all my feelings and thoughts, to be awake in body and mind, loving with myself and others, full of energy and calm at the same time. With this body I want to go out into the world. I want to share BEING together (sat), CONSCIOUSNESS (chit) and the bliss (ananda) about it.  



Here are my most important qualifications:


- RYT 200h YTT, HariOm (Italy).


- RYT 300h YTT, HariOm (Italy).

- Functional gymnastics / natural movement  (40UE), HariOm (Italy).

- Functional Gymnastics / Animal Flow Method (40UE), HariOm (Italy).

- Master Training Meditation & Yoga (80UE), HariOm (Italy).

- Anusara-Bridge +300, (43UE), ParaParaYoga-Akademie, Potsdam.

- Triguna-Flow according to the five elements and myofascial channels (36 TU), with Julia von Untern-Sternberg, YOGA-atelier333, Moosbach.


More information and contact:  

Telegram: hannanda_yoga

Instagram: hannanda_yoga


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