Yoga found me via detours - on a rehearsal stage at the Staatstheater Karlsruhe I did my first sun salutations as a warm-up exercise ... And Zack - I was in love. What happened there My body was suddenly noticeable, my thoughts became calmer and something gave me a feeling of trust. The magic of yoga has accompanied me every step of the way since then. During my acting studies in Graz, the mat was the best way to counterbalance the extroversion of the stage. During my engagement at the State Theater in Nuremberg, my desire for teacher training grew more and more. Coupled with my love for the island of Bali, I said goodbye to Europe for half a year and devoted myself fully to yoga teacher training. I completed this in 2019 at "Parahita Kampung Ubud". For 6 years my teacher Ade Adinata has accompanied me every step of the way and teaches me in Asthanga.