Hot Vinyasa Flow

Hot Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Hot Vinyasa Flow


Here the room is heated to approx. 35 degrees.

We practice a dynamic, flowing sequence that gives you strength and balance in equal measure.

The warm temperature allows your body and mind to merge and also provides a deep stretch and a cleansing effect.

So come over and let's breathe, sweat and laugh together.

Please bring a towel, there is water and tea in our studio.

The class may be held in English.


There is hot yoga again!

We start again on October 6th, 2021 - with probably 5 participants. To participate you have to be vaccinated, tested (48h PCR test) or recovered according to the current requirements.

After the lesson there is a cool drink in our teak kitchen.

You can order a lynx package at The Brunch Club.

Unfortunately, cancellations are not possible for this class.


Drop-in, 3 and 5 card, no trial classes possible

Reservation of mats is recommended!

Not included for Urban Sports Club.