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Hatha yoga
(course with 10 appointments) 
with Doris

Hatha yoga

with Doris

Doris Wust


My first experience with yoga was in 2007 when I attended my first yoga class while on vacation. The positive effect on me and my body prompted me to deepen my knowledge about it. 
That's why I started my 3-year yoga teacher training at the Yoga Forum Munich in 2007 according to the scientific basis of the teachings of Adj. Prof. Reinhard Bögle (Hatha Yoga based on the Ayurvedic Marma teachings).

That was one of my best decisions and now yoga has become an integral part of my life and inspires me every day.

In class, when practicing the asanas, we make sure that the body is activated where it is too passive, strengthened where it is too weak, stretched where it is shortened and calmed where it is too active. The practice is determined by your own physical limits. 
The participants relearn movement patterns that they have forgotten - which are healthier for the body - and thus learn how to deal with their bodies in a healthier way.

On Tuesday evenings I teach Hatha Yoga based on the Ayurvedic Marma teachings in the rooms of Cracy Ganesha.


My lessons are recognized as a prevention course by health insurance companies.

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