Free Spirit YOGA Fusion
with Hannanda


Free Spirit YOGA Fusion


My "Free Spirit YOGA-Fusion" is a practice that celebrates the joy of being there  Don't want to know any rules or limits outside of your own body. That just be in the body  to feel the body, to challenge it and to love it. Here, now, in this moment. Consciously with all your senses.  


You can expect varied yoga classes in which various movement elements from Animal Flow, Natural Movement, dynamic meditation, Yin & Yang mix in our Vinyasa. The play of breath and movement will carry us through the lesson and above all give us one thing: lots of energy and fun!  


We come from rest into strength, into our body and into our being. 

Sometimes wild and exuberant. 

Sometimes dreamy and light-footed. 

Sometimes earthy, airy, fiery, watery. 

Sometimes slowly and sensitively, floating between space and time….


Playful, curious, inquiring and full of joy about our body feeling. Stretched between heaven and earth carried by music ...


Thursdays 7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.